What are the resolutions proposed to the General Meeting of July 24, 2019?

On July 24, 2019, the Spineway General Meeting of Shareholders will be held. 2 important points for the evolution of Spineway will be put to the vote: the approval of the accounts of the past year and the appointment of two new Board Directors.

Spineway wants to strengthen its board of directors by experienced people to assist in the implementation of new synergies within a group that will quickly represent more than 80 million CA. These new directors will also help us in the search for long-term investors.

We remind you of the proposed resolutions:

  • Resolution 1 to 4: Approval of the 2018 parent company and consolidated financial statements, allocation of the results of the 2018 financial statements to the “Other reserves” account and reading of the special report of the Statutory Auditor.
  • Resolution 5 to 7: Appointment of two new Board Directors and setting directors’ fees.
  • Resolution 8 to 9: More technical resolutions proposed regularly at General Meetings.
  • Resolution 10 and 11: Award of BSPCE to employees of the company and decision to proceed with a capital increase reserved for employees who are members of a PEE (the Board of Directors recommends voting no to the latter resolution).
  • Resolution 12: “Technical” Resolution.

It should be noted that Resolutions 1 to 8 fall within the competence of the Ordinary General Meeting which does not require a quorum because it is a second notice of the Ordinary General Meeting of June 28th. Regarding resolutions 9 to 12, these are the responsibility of the Extraordinary General Meeting which requires a quorum of 20% on second notice.

All detailed resolutions are available at http://www.spineway.com/finance//files/RI/2019/_2018___Texte_des_resolutions.pdf

We thank you for your participation in these resolutions.

The Spineway team